PRIME FOODS uses packinghouses that are BRC certified and that follow all food safety precautions. PRIME FOODS’ strength is in its integrated system. When it comes to quality control, chemical control and supply, our deep integration from the seed to the shelf allows us to offer the highest quality produce and service at every stage of the process.

PRIME FOODS closely monitor all raw materials and produce that comes into its packaging houses – down to the finest detail. Every fruit, citrus and vegetable is carefully selected and allocated to a specific client – giving us the flexibility to offer specific produce and packaging solutions for each individual client.

All our temperature-controlled facilities are in-house, allowing us to comply with the cold treatment process requirements and extends shelf-life.

We use pack houses, which have high standards of hygiene and implement the principles of HACCP and BRC Global Standards. Raw materials are inspected according to specification before being accepted in the pack house. The final products are also sampled and inspected based on customer specifications by a qualified quality control team. We focus on training and qualifying manpower as we believe this will lead to a smooth application of the Total Quality Management (TQM) principles throughout the company.

Through following the standards of both B.R.C and GLOBAL.G.A.P certificates up, PRIME FOODS is committed to consistently delivering the highest quality crops, maintaining the finest standards of food safety, packaging, storage and distribution.