Social Responsibilities

Since its foundation, PRIME FOODS is committed to high standards of ethical, social and environmental responsibility. This commitment encourages adopting continuous development and improvement of production on all levels of the production process. The aim is to provide a sustainable increase in the quality of our fresh supplied products to the international markets, with a clear focus on making all its operations to achieve optimal efficiency and reduce the impact of agricultural work on environment and health and safety of workers.

PRIME FOODS is committed to protecting human health and the safety of its employees in the workplace through:

  • Prevention of environmental pollution as well as maintaining health and safety for all employees and customers.
  • Commitment in our factory and production circles with all applicable laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety requirements.
  • The rational use of plant protection products
  • Sustainable use of water, energy and natural resources.
  • Re-cycling & re-use of materials

PRIME FOODS’s philosophy towards the environment ensures the establishment and continuous improvement of its environmental management system to conform to all established customer and relevant legislative requirements. This is achieved through optimization of processes in order to achieve efficiency while reducing the impact of farming on the environment whilst considering the health and safety of its employees.

As an agricultural company, PRIME FOODS is committed to comply with the relevant legislation in respect of environmental management requirements. This commitment includes the adoption of viable agricultural methods which are environmentally and socially acceptable and ensures safe supply of food while protecting wildlife and nature on all farms for future generations.